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Here are some recent happenings in my life (the newest are at the top).

Forgot to update.

I have not updated in a while, sorry about that.

I passed everything in the IT academy, the only
one to have done so I might add, and I am fully qualified.

At the moment, I am not doing much, I am just waiting to
go to australia.

The house has finally sold, and we will be moving out very soon.
I am not looking forward to this, I have lived in this hosue most of
my life.

When I get to australia, I will go to University, and hopfully
do a course that teaches how to make games.

I have passed my A+ exams a few months ago.

I passed my A+ exams from the training course I am doing at the
moment and i am very proud of myself. In a few days to a week
I will be doing exams for MCDST (Microsoft Certified Desktop
Support Technician) that i hope I pass, I will be really happy
if i do. I will update more later about this.

My mum was in a car accident a few days ago.

My mum was in a car accident a few days ago but thankfully she
is ok, she has a few bad bruses and a bad neck but im just happy
thats all it was, they said it could have been much worse.
My mum is getting alot of compensation from the guy who
crashed into her because it was his fault.

My laptop is comeing back to me.

My dad told me th other day that my laptop can be fixed and I
will get it back in 5 days, yay me!!!
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