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These are my freinds and other people i like:

This is my teacher mr prestage he is like my freind.

This is one of my best freinds his name is douglas.

This is georgina she is my freind.

This is joe he is another one of my best freinds we
do a lot together, but mainly have a laugh.

This is william he is a good freind,
he goes to computer club and so do I.

This is charles he is one of my freinds too,
he is a very nice person.

This is michael he is a good freind, who I help
send music to his phone.

Jason is a good freind he lets me take funny
videos off of his laptop.

This is adam he is a good freind who i
often speak to on msn.

This is lawrence he is one of my freinds.
He is also a good freind of joe.

This is chris he is also one of my good freinds.

This is grant he is a good freind
that lives near my dad, he also likes
cake any type is fine.

This is craig he likes pie.

This is craigs brother his name is lewis
he likes chocolate.

This is jarrod, he is grants brother.

This is my freind scott he is from my collage.

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